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Custom Cowboy Boots Houston

Designing Custom Boots

Choose your Leather

Boots can be made with a variety of leathers.  Some of the more popular choices are calf, buffalo, elephant and kangaroo. These make for a boot that is durable and easy to care for.  Exotic hides such as ostrich, lizard, and alligator are very popular and make very nice dress boots.  Combinations of these leathers are used as well.

How and where you wear your boots will determine the consideration that you give to the choice of leather.  We can help you select the skin best suited to your lifestyle and budget.

Select your Toe Shape

The common toe shapes are round, square and pointed.  If it were that simple though we would be done.  Round toes come in a number of widths from wide to narrow.  Square toes can be flat and square or boxed and can also be shaped in a number of widths from wide to very narrow.  Toes can also be shaped to a very narrow point or “pin” toe.

Toe shapes are very much a personal choice and should reflect the attitude and style you want to portray.  Is it 1940’s western glamour or a more conservative look in the boardroom that you are going for?  Either way, the shape of the toe on your custom boots will say a lot about whom you are and what you want to say.

Select your Heel Height

Again how and where you wear your boots may suggest your heel height selection.  The most common heel is a walking heel.  This is normally 1 ½” and under-cut ever so slightly.  Another very popular choice is the “roper” style heel, which is normally 1”.  Heel heights can also be 2 – 2 ½” and can be severely under-cut.  These are usually referred to as “riding” heels.

Heel height is also a personal choice.  Do not let a higher heel height scare you when designing your cowboy boot.  Because the foot arch is well supported and your body weight is balanced, a higher heel can be very comfortable in a cowboy boot.  Plus, a higher heel can add one to two inches to your height.

Select your Boot Height and Scallop Design

Custom boot tops can be tall or short.  Standard boot top height for a cowboy boot is usually 12”, but these are your custom cowboy boots and there is nothing “standard” about them so go ahead, make them as tall as you want.  You can get more artwork on them.

A scallop is the “dip” in the front and back of the boot.  The scallop can be designed in several shapes.  There are deep scallops, shallow scallops, double scallops, and stove pipes, which are cut straight across.  The scallop on the top should be a part of the overall design and function of the boot.

Select Pull Type

Pulls are the loops, tabs or holes that you use to assist you when pulling on your boots and they come in a variety of styles and shapes.  This choice should be part of the overall artistic design.

Select your Artwork, Stitching and Design


Here is the fun part. The artwork you choose really personalizes your boots and makes them unique to you.  Anything goes here.  It is all about your personality, style and attitude.  There are very few boundaries here.

We love working with our boot customers to design unique and one-of-a-kind pieces of wearable art.  So go ahead, have no fear and express yourself.